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Duqm Refinery & Petrochemical Complex Oman (Reformer Package)

KEKSA has recently been awarded a contract from Axens for the supply of “Constant Springs & Rigid Struts” to Duqm Refinery & Petrochemical Complex Oman (Reformer Package).

The Duqm Refinery and Petrochemicals Industries Co. (Duqm Refinery) Project is a grassroots Crude Oil Refinery at Duqm on the Arabian Sea coast of Oman, approximately 600km south of Muscat. The refinery is to process a range of Middle Eastern crude oils at a design rate of 230,000 BPSD. It is a Hydrocracker/Coker based distillate refinery. The Refinery will be supplied with crude oil via a pipeline from the Ras Markaz Crude Tank Farm where Crude will be transferred via pipeline to Duqm Refinery & Refined products will be pumped to the Port of Duqm where they will be stored and then loaded onto ships through the Terminal Export facilities.


Project Owner:                 Duqm Refinery & Petrochemical Complex Oman

EPC Contractor:                Axens (France)